Johnmccain_cindymccainCampaigning burns a lot calories! Who knew?

Cindy McCain
is trying really hard to soften her hardcore high-fashion image in order to appeal to the common woman.

Now she’s even dishing out diet tips!

This morning she told a predominately female crowd of around 500 in Hudson, Wis., that the best way to lose weight is to hit the campaign trail.

And then she showed off her white pants which were — she says — now two sizes too big, as a result of all her hard work campaigning for her husband John McCain.

And, as L.A. Times reporter Maeve Reston points out, this is unsettling coming from a woman who recently confessed (or is bragged the proper verb?) to Vogue magazine that she wears size 0 Lucky jeans.

Size 0? Seriously? How much more weight can this woman lose without turning into a Republican version of Mary-Kate Olsen?

By the time November rolls around, she may have totally disappeared.

No word on how many women will go home and beg their husbands to run for president so they can lose a few el bees on the campaign trail like Cindy did.

Forget Jenny Craig! Think Cindy McCain.

Photos: John and Cindy at the Operation Smile event. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead