Jeffgarlin_sag06_240Daddy Day Camp will hit theaters on Aug. 8, but fans of 2003’s $100-million-grossing Daddy Day Care will notice that original co-star Jeff Garlin is nowhere to be seen.

Speaking to the Television Critics Association on Thursday (July 12) at our semi-annual press tour, Garlin doesn’t sound unhappy about being excluded from the sequel. Quite the opposite.

Asked if the upcoming sixth season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm had somehow prevented his participation in Daddy Day Camp, Garlin is initially terse.

"No," he says matter-of-factly.

Garlin’s comments came in the midst of a Curb Your Enthusiasm panel characterized by creator-star Larry David’s biting and hilarious refusal to give straight answers, so we’d probably have let Garlin get away with the short answer.

"They didn’t offer me enough money," Garlin continues. "To be in a sequel to Daddy Day Care, you need to be paid a lot of money."

Here, the critics all laugh. After all, just as Garlin has been replaced by Paul Rae in the sequel, original star Eddie Murphy has become Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr.

Garlin has more, though.

"And they offered the job to me, and I laughed," Garlin explains. "It was not enough money. I’m very pragmatic, you know. It’s like you do certain things because  … Curb is the greatest job I’ll ever have because I’m being paid well, and I’m doing — what I think I’m involved with — great work, you know."

And he continues, "But in general, you get the great work. Like I made a movie that’s coming out in September and that movie I got paid, called I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. It’s really significant. Glad I got that out."

"I got paid by taking out a second mortgage to pay my bills. That’s how much I got paid. So if I’m going to do something like Daddy Day Camp. I must get paid a great deal of money because there’s no joy in that."

Everybody else will just have to find their joy in the fact that Daddy Day Camp marks the feature directing debut of another TV favorite, Wonder Years star Fred Savage.

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg