Jeffgoldblum_lawandordercriminalinten_240 Jeff Goldblum‘s character traits as Det. Zach Nichols on USA’s “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” are predictable — predictably fun and quirky.

Let’s face it. Although typecasting can get a little old, we like Goldblum because of a certain style. The Jeff Goldblum classic character is odd but brilliant and charismatic to boot. We expect him to have a certain verbal style: full of pauses, staccato delivery and meaningful emphasis.

And yes, the new detective joining the Major Case Squad is all that and more. There’s plenty of wackiness, but we are assured that there’s a method to his madness that his poor partner Det. Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) can only hope to grasp over time.

Check out this quickie promo of Goldblum joining “L&O: CI”:

The back story is that he had worked with Cpt. Ross (Eric Bogosian) in Anti-Crime but had disappeared for several years. Nichols’ parents were both shrinks, so that gives him particular insight into the criminal mind as well as creative techniques to get his suspects to reveal their guilt. Oh, and for his first case, he busts out his jazz talents on the piano.

That’s some cop.

Goldblum debuts his quirky self on “Criminal Intent” on Sunday, April 26 for the episode “Rock Star,” in which he and the team investigate a mysterious death of a young, up and coming musician living in an artists’ loft.


So, are you a fan? Do you think Goldblum will add to the cast’s chemistry? Does he fit with this established procedural?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen