Jeff Gordon had a fit of road rage on the Nascar track in Phoenix when he purposely crashed his car into Clint Bowyer in retaliation for some late race contact. It happened at the AdvoCare 500, held at Phoenix International Raceway. After Bowyer’s clip of Gordon’s car caused a cut tire and sent Gordon into the wall, CBS Sports reports the legendary driver ignored the black flag and continued around the track until he caught back up with Bowyer.

Gordon then made a hard right into Bowyer’s car, setting off a multi-car collision, and stripping Bowyer of the chance for some much needed points toward championship qualification. When Gordon returned to the garage area, a full-scale brawl erupted between pit crews for both drivers, with Gordon caught in the middle.

Once Bowyer finally made it off the track, he ran full-speed toward the Nascar hauler, where Gordon had been summoned to meet with Nascar officials. Cameras caught Clint being restrained by a group of men before he could make it to Jeff.

Both men have commented since the debacle. “It’s pretty embarrassing for a four-time champion and what I consider one of the best the sport’s ever seen to act like that,” says Bowyer. “When you disrupt a championship hunt like that, it’s too bad. They ask us not to do that at the drivers meeting and there’s usually a lot of respect there.”

For his part, Gordon seems unapologetic, and is ready to face whatever punishment Nascar decides to dole out. “They’ve got to do what they’ve got to do just like I had to do what I had to do,” says Gordon.

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