jeff probst tca gi Jeff Probst says his Emmy snub wasn't really a snubOne of the bigger surprises of the Emmy nominations on July 19 was that “Survivor” host Jeff Probst, who has won for best reality-show host for the entirety of the award’s existence, didn’t get another nod.

Probst, however, does not seem too upset at being overlooked — a point he made rather forcefully Sunday (July 29) at the TV Critics Association press tour, where he’s promoting his soon-to-launch daytime talk show.

“Honestly, I’m so grateful for the Emmy love I’ve had,” Probst says in response to a question about the awards — then changes direction when he sees the way the questioner reacts.

“OK, this is what’s fascinating. I wish you were a guest on my talk show, because the minute I start that answer, you wave me off like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ as if to imply my answer is not worthy or insincere,” he tells the reporter who asked the question. “Any journalist who’s interviewed me knows I speak as candidly as possible. I say things I should never say.”

He’s not, however, going to say anything he shouldn’t about not being nominated for a fifth consecutive Emmy.

“To answer the question, I’m so grateful for the love I’ve received from the Emmys. I didn’t feel snubbed at all,” he says. “It’s never a certainty to be nominated — there are lots of factors involved. And this is the genuine truth: I’m happy for those who are nominated because it’s a blast to go, and it’s really fun to win.”

Probst’s daytime show premieres in syndication on Sept. 10, and a new season of “Survivor” follows on Sept. 19.

Posted by:Rick Porter