In Hollywood, everybody still wants to direct.

Jennifer Aniston and Bryce Dallas Howard‘s first shorts for Glamour’s Reel Moments are screening at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films this month. And Ben Affleck’s directorial debut, "Gone, Baby, Gone," based on "Mystic River" author Dennis Lehane’s novel about two Boston cops investigating a child’s kidnapping, is just starting to screen to long-lead critics but already getting good ’08 Awards Season buzz.  Okay, so his pal Kevin Smith is a lit-tle bit biased. But he’s also pretty darned honest. You decide. Check out the trailer here.

And yes, you’re right, film buffs. This isn’t Ben’s first stab at directing. According to IMDb.com, he also directed one called "I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three Picture Deal at Disney." But this is the first one to be seen in theatres larger than Ben’s living room.  At any rate, given the source material and the amazing cast – Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Morgan Freeman, Casey Affleck, and Katie Holmes unofficial stand-in Michelle Monaghan, it’s definitely got Oscar nod potential.

76050866mp015 glamour reel  Jen, Ben, Pink, now Ciara? Is EVERYBODY a director?
Now the "I wanna direct" trend is hitting the music industry, thanks in part to Glamour’s Reel Music program. Last year, Pink directed a music video for Pretty Boys, the winners of the mag’s reader-based program. Now Grammy-winner Ciara just finished directing newcomer Paula Campbell‘s new video and it sounds like she liked it.

"I’m only 21 and I just directed my first video," the singer/dancer marveled last night at the Live Sets on Yahoo! stage on the Sony lot. "That’s a big deal. It’s like, so what else can you do? I want to keep doing more and more," Ciara said. "Doing a music video is really hard. But to be behind the camera? It’s crazy, but it’s fun."   

To see Ciara’s first music video, click here.

Photo Credits: Casey Affleck stars in big brother Ben’s "Gone, Baby, Gone," still courtesy of Miramax Films. Ciara and Paula dance up a storm at Sony Studios courtesy of Glamour.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead