jena malone catching fire nude scene joanna mason live with kelly and michael abc Jena Malone: 'Catching Fire' nude scene on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Jena Malone has a rather impressive nude scene in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” and the actress shared a story about filming that scene as a guest on “Live with Kelly and Michael” on Wednesday (Nov. 27). It wasn’t even a little bit sexy, apparently.

For her character of Joanna Mason in “Catching Fire,” Malone had to perform a scene completely naked in an elevator. It was a rather interesting experience for the actress.

“We were actually shooting in a real hotel, and a real elevator, so they couldn’t really shut down the entire hotel,” Malone explained of the “Catching Fire” scene. “It’s like 49 floors, a glass elevator, everybody can see in — it’s kind of a crazy thing … I think at take 2, I’m bare-boned, and I’m about to leave the elevator. And the doors open and there’s some guy that works at the hotel carrying a coffee cup holder and this mouth is just agape.  And I’m staring at him trying to be in character, and I just fall out of frame laughing. I couldn’t take it.”

What did the hotel guy think of this rather unexpected sight? Malone has no clue. “We never saw him again,” she said.

In addition to acting since childhood, Jena Malone is also a musician and street performer. She explained to the “Live” hosts about how she takes her one-woman band — she calls it “The Shoe” — to random street corners for performances. It’s not much of a surprise that audiences don’t recognize Malone behind the instruments. The Frankenstein’s monster of music includes a guitar, keyboard, mixers and more!

Posted by:Laurel Brown