jenelle evans mugshot jan16 Jenelle Evans released from jail, but 'Teen Mom' faces more time behind barsTeen Mom‘s” Jenelle Evans was arrested Monday for the second time in less than a week, with both arrests related to a domestic violence protective order — basically, her former roommate, Hannah Inman, got a restraining order against her and now claims that Jenelle made “harassing phone calls” to her.

Jenelle begs to differ, of course — in a Facebook rant, she claims that Hannah set her up and is using her for fame because Hannah wants to be a singer.

Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend, Duffy, tells E! that Jenelle was actually arrested for posting a nude photo of Hannah on Facebook after the judge told her to remove it. Duffy told the judge that Jenelle obtained the photo by snooping through Hannah’s phone.


Now, Jenelle has been released on $1000 bail, after attending court on Tuesday morning in jailhouse stripes and restrained by shackles. Her lawyer says, “[Jenelle] spent the night in jail and we had a first appearance in court this morning. She is facing 75 days of active jail.”

Jenelle is set to be back in court on Feb. 6.

It’s not her first tango with the law — she’s previously been arrested for drug possession, involvement in a brawl, and probation violation. She doesn’t seem too worried about this latest brush with the cops, though. After she was released, she hit up the Olive Garden to celebrate. Fun times.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie