jenna marbles popular instagram Jenna Marbles talks popularity and 'patronizing' 'Good Morning America' profile

With over one billion views to her YouTube channel, it’s hard to find someone online who doesn’t know who Jenna Mourey is. Recording videos under the name Jenna Marbles, Mourey has been adding content to the video sharing website since 2010. Her videos cover a range of topics, from humorous advice to comedy sketches and documenting her life.
Now Mourey, who holds a Masters of Education in Sport Psychology and Counseling, is breaking through to traditional media, though not as she hoped she would. “Good Morning America” aired a profile about the video blogger on Monday (April 22). The segment included pieces of an interview with Mourey, as well as clips from her videos and reactions from fans. The profile is mostly fluff, with a big chunk being spent on Mourey’s use of the word “ridiculous” during the interview, including a counter tallying up the number of times she said it.
Seeing the finished product made Mourey take to her blog to clear the air. (Warning: Mourey’s blog contains strong language.) She says the interview, which lasted around an hour, wasn’t what she expected. “Most of the questions included more and more insulting ways to prod me with ‘why should anyone care?’,” she writes, adding, “What seemed even more embarrassing was her emphasis on ‘getting to know who you are because no one in the real world does.'” Mourey also notes this wasn’t her first appearance on “Good Morning America,” as she was previously featured in a 2011 segment. “I think that shows pretty clearly as they chose to make a piece apparently about the word ridiculous instead of anything with actual substance,” she says.
Mourey also says the interviewer, Cecilia Vega, was “incredibly patronizing” to her, calling the segment “another example of how traditional media doesn’t get how the internet machine works.” In the meantime, Mourey is doing alright for herself. A recent New York Times article estimated she could have earned as much as $346,000 in ad revenue from her videos in 2012 alone. “I make more money than I need, ever,” she says.
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