jenni rivera crash officers arrested Jenni Rivera crash: Police officers arrested for taking graphic photos and stealing items

The ongoing story of Jenni Rivera‘s death just got a bit more disturbing. The same day that it was revealed that her remains have been returned home, it’s also been reported that two police officers have been arrested for stealing items from the plane crash site and taking graphic photographs of the dead bodies.

Authorities told the Mexican media that “victim’s belongings” from the plane crash were found in the homes of the two officers who were arrested, The Los Angeles Times reports. In addition, it was revealed that one of the cops took photos of the crash, including body parts, which he kept for his own personal use.

At least Rivera’s family has been reunited with her body. They brought her remains home on Dec. 13, and fans gathered outside the mortuary where she was dropped off and the Rivera family’s Lakewood home to honor the late Mexican American singer and television personality. Items like photos, candles and flowers have been left to serve as a memorial to Rivera.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz