jenni rivera dead family Jenni Rivera dead: Family responds after death is confirmed by National Transportation Safety Board

It’s been a sad couple of days for the family and fans of Mexican American singer and television personality Jenni Rivera. The 43-year-old’s death was confirmed by her brother Gustavo after she went missing in a plane crash over the weekend, and now the National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed her passing as well.

“My son Lupillo told me that effectively it was Jenni’s plane that crashed and that everyone on board died,” Rivera’s father, Pedro Rivera, told reporters gathered at his Los Angeles home after the announcement. “I believe my daughter’s body is unrecognizable.”

Her other brother, Pedro Rivera Jr., recently spoke to E! News about the effect the “I Love Jenni” star’s death has had on their family.

“We are feeling devastated. It’s a devastation to the family,” he says. He recalls finding out about the plane crash by saying, “We were having a beautiful morning [on Dec. 9], and then we received the news from my brother [Gustavo]. ‘Go see mom because we can’t find Jenni’s plane, we don’t know what’s happened to her.’ That’s when it started, really early at 9 in the morning. I came to my mom’s house. We started getting the news. Then at around 5 p.m., we got confirmation that she was gone. It was so painful.”

He adds that the Rivera family wants to thank his sister’s fans for “all the love you gave to Jenni and to all the family. It is just so special to have you guys as fans.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz