jennie garth metta world peace Jennie Garth and Metta World Peace in 'The Eleventh Victim': Weigh in on Nancy Grace's Lifetime movieIn her first non-reality project following her divorce from Peter Facinelli, Jennie Garth stars as a Nancy Grace -esque assistant DA in “The Eleventh Victim,” based on a book by — you guessed it! Nancy Grace.

In the movie, Garth’s character Hailey Dean is physically assaulted in a courtroom by Clinton Burrell (Colin Cunningham), a serial killer who she is prosecuting. Following the attack, she moves to New York to become a therapist. After clients of hers are murdered with Burrell’s M.O., she and Det. Garlan Fincher set out to bring the killer to justice. The Lifetime movie marks the acting debut of LA Laker Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest), who plays Fincher.

Fans of the book may have been surprised by the movie, as its plot is decidedly different from the novel. Grace, who says it’s based on several people she met while working cases in Atlanta, tells the New York Post, “It starts with the spirit of the book but some of the details were changed so it could be adapted to TV. … I was so knocked out by Jennie Garth, who was in the middle of that
terrible split while we were shooting. She
could not have been more professional, sweet and gorgeous.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie