jennie garth headshot little bit country cmt gallery 420 Jennie Garth on Peter Facinelli: 'That's the way life works'“I want to say, ‘Thank you.’ I’m so grateful to them for continuing the journey with me.”

That’s the message Jennie Garth is sending her fans today (Tuesday, March 20) as she promotes “Jennie Garth: Little Bit Country,” her CMT reality series that premieres Friday, April 20.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Dancing With the Stars” alum’s separation and impending divorce from “Twilight” and “Nurse Jackie” actor Peter Facinelli factors into the new show conversationally — he doesn’t appear in it, at least at the point when the season finale is being prepped — but the focus will be on the new life she tries to make for their three daughters on the central California farm she moves them to.

Though she didn’t necessarily anticipate the timing of the separation and her show to be what it has become, Garth tells Zap2it, “That’s the way life works, like chapters in a book. And who knows what my next chapter will be?

“I just want to be open with people. I didn’t think I’d be talking about my personal life, but I decided to share my experience because we all grapple with the same issues, no matter who we are. And I don’t want to have secrets from people. I’m available to be open, and that makes a much better world to live in.”

Continuing as a spokesperson for the Cheerios-sponsored “Spoonfuls of Stories” program, in its 10th year of advocating reading to children, Garth remains visible in many of her past projects. “90210” repeats are staples of the SoapNet lineup; ABC Family offers reruns of the sitcom “What I Like About You”; and Game Show Network has “Dancing With the Stars” encores that include Garth’s season.

 “My 14-year-old is watching the original ‘90210’ now,” she says. “She’s finally gotten old enough to be able to watch it, and I like that a lot. She doesn’t really make the association with me, though. It’s weird.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin