"Dreamgirls" winner Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles and even "Ugly Betty" star America Ferrara were all asked annoying and inappropriate questions about their weight in the press room backstage at the Globes: "Did you lose weight for the Globes, How did you do it. How did you fit into that dress," etc?

It got so out-of-hand for poor Jennifer and Beyonce that their co-star Jamie Foxx stepped in and properly scolded the reporters, by saying, "Hey, this night is about the film."

At the packed Paramount after-party, Foxx was still complaining about reporters asking stupid questions while Jennifer finally got to eat something. Call more of my friends or eat something? Tough choice!


]]>Selma_water Salma Hayek dumped her two boxes of See’s chocolates (a gift from Extra) on a table at the party and told her PR person that she’d hit the wall and was going home. Only problem was getting her limo to come to the party and pick her up. Try using your cell phone, not the water bottle.


Ellen Pompeo — whom no one asked about weight — helped herself to the huge self-serve candy display, which was a bit incongruous in the party’s Armani Casaesque sophisticated and subdued living room decor. The candy stand, I mean, not Ellen. She fit right in.


And Beyonce proved that no one can wear an Elie Saab like she can. But she didn’t stay long (try 10 minutes) at the Paramount party. She didn’t sit and didn’t eat. Hmmm.   

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