Just two days after Jennifer Aniston told Oprah Winfrey she’s "lucky in love," she joined back-on beau John Mayer for a romantic dinner at La Esquina in NYC.

Thus she has officially turned the Angelina-Brad-Jennifer media frenzy into a foursome. Which must make John (I never met a paparazzo I didn’t like) Mayer very happy indeed.

Aniston, 39 — dressed in black boots, skinny jeans and a bomber jacket — and Mayer, 30, couldn’t keep their hands off each other during the dinner, a witness told Us.

After Mayer paid the bill (shock!), they headed over to GoldBar. On the way, Aniston sweetly signed autographs and hugged a few fans. Wheeee! More “Marly and Me” ticket sales!

At the GoldBar, the couple hit the dance floor and danced into the wee hours.

And anyone who has a problem with the nine-year age difference, Aniston wants them to “mind their own business!"

At least, that’s what she said in her Vogue interview, the one in which she said that Angelina Jolie talking about  how she couldn’t wait to get to the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" every day was "really uncool."

She has a point about the age difference. It really is none of anyone’s business.

But then none of this is really any of our business.

So why does she keep talking about it?  And right before her movie "Marley and Me" opens?

Hey, is there room for a John Mayer wax figure to stand next to Angie, Brad and Jennifer, seen above, in the London Madame Tussaud’s Museum?

Don’t leave her standing there all alone like some spinster when she’s said that she’s so "lucky in love."

C’mon, have a heart. He’s famous too. Please put John Boy next to lonely Jen.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead