Young cougar-in-training Jennifer Aniston, who is about to turn the big 4-0,  told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about finding a really long gray hair.

“I did have a moment, though, over the weekend. My first like, ‘Huh…I don’t want to (turn 40).’ I found a really long gray hair and it kind of flipped me out,” she told Ellen. "It’s not my first but it’s the fact that it was so long. I was like, ‘Oh, how many others are there and what does that mean?’ It actually brought me to tears slightly."

Why cry? Why not call your regular colorist and bring him to tears?

Anyway, just wait until the serious wrinkles, broken capillaries and nasolabial crevices start appearing, Jen. Then you’ll really have something to cry about: Your dermatologist bill.

Frankly, the only thing worse than finding that first really long gray hair?   

Having your 9 years younger boyfriend John Mayer find it. And it’s not on your head.

Aniston also says she throwing a birthday party on Saturday and that her longtime friends Courtney Cox and David Arquette will be among the guests.

No word on if her Mayer Man is on the guest list.

Is Aniston self-obsessed, or simply human, to be that upset over a gray hair?

And is her next film, "Baster," about her getting artificially inseminated by costar Jason Bateman, a possible indicator of what’s to come in her life? Will Jen’s art imitate life?

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Photos: Jennifer Aniston at the "He’s Just Not that Into You" premiere. Can you find the gray hair?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead