jennifer aniston gerard butler4 Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler's flirtations didn't save 'Bounty Hunter'All of Jennifer Aniston‘s embarrassing public canoodling with her “The Bounty Hunter’ co-star Gerard Butler — Including that photo of his middle finger MIA in her bum crack taken in Paris during a press shoot — didn’t work across the pond.

While her new rom com made a respectable $21 million in the United States on opening weekend, it only made $5.8 million in the UK, according to the Daily Mail.

]]>Uma Thurman‘s “Motherhood.” But that’s like saying day old pasta tastes better than dirt. The only positive note is that perhaps this box office bomb will make Jennifer STOP dating/pretending to date her male costars. A., It’s just not worth it and B., after a half dozen movies, Jen is starting to ruin her Girl Next Door image.  She’s in danger of becoming the Movie Set Slut. What do you think about Jen’s habit of dating and/or pretending to date all her male costars: Vince Vaugh, Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, with time out for big mouth John Mayer. Follow Zap2it and Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz. More Jennifer Aniston dish Jennifer Aniston legs it out at the ‘Bounty Hunter’ U.K. premiere
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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler’s dirty pictures Photo credit: Getty Images

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