First Jennifer Aniston got into a war of words with Bill O’Reilly over comments she made about artificial insemination while promoting her new film, “The Switch.”

Now she’ used an unfortunate word that is bound to create an uproar. After a Thursday (Aug 19) appearance on “Good Morning America,” Aniston sat down with Regis Philbin and guest co-host Kristin Cruz on  “Live! With Regis & Kelly” and let a controversial word slip out. No, not the one Laura Schlessinger used 11 times.

]]> Barbra Streisand-inspired photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, Regis said, “So you got to play dress up,” to which Jennifer joking responded, “Yeah, I got to play dress up. … I do it for a living, like a retard.” Oh, dear. There’s bound to be fall-out over that choice of words. There always is. Remember when there was a huge furor over the use of the R-word in “Tropic Thunder”? Disability advocates and Special Olympics officials actually picketed the movie’s premiere. Timothy Shriver called for a boycott even though he hadn’t actually seen the film. And Sarah Palin recently criticized Rahm Emanuel for using the R-word but let her pal Rush Limbaugh slide because he said he was doing “satire.” Is Jen drafting up her apology right this minute?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead