jen aniston headshot Jennifer Aniston answers the eternal kid question: Will she or won't she?Jennifer Aniston can’t avoid talking about babies and motherhood while she’s promoting her new romantic comedy, “The Switch.”

Since she plays a woman who has a baby on her own via surrogate, it’s like Open Season on the topic.

And what does the actress say in response to all those pesky TV reporters who keep pressing Jen on the issue of whether she would go the artificial insemination route for a perfect baby.

“I want it [the baby] to match my Jimmy Choos and my couch,” Jen initially joked to Entertainment Tonight about creating the perfect kid.

]]>Billy Bush asked Jen if she was feeling pressure to have a baby, she confessed, “I’m not freaking out about that. I’m not.” Doesn’t sound like Jen has a touch of Baby Fever yet? But there could be all sorts of personal and/or physical reasons for her wanting or even being able to have kids. Which is really none of our business. And there’s also her career. When an actress who is 41 works as hard as Jen does to get — and keep — such an enviable figure, putting on 50 pounds and getting stretch marks is probably not a particularly appealing notion. What do you think?

[For the record: A previous version of this post incorrectly attributed Jennifer’s quote from the Entertainment Tonight interview to a question about the actress’ desire to have kids when actually Aniston’s answer was in reference to the reporter’s question as to whether she would consider artificial insemination as an option in her personal life. We apologize for the misinterpretation.]
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead