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Jennifer Aniston looked absolutely glowing in a black Derek Lam ensemble at yesterday's press junket for her new romantic dramedy, "Love Happens."

She's understandably excited to talk about her unclassifiable new Universal film, which also stars Aaron Eckhart. 

Hint: It's deeper and more emotionally involving than your typical rom-com fare. 

And she's also psyched about her upcoming singing role (she also produces!) in the prison musical "The Goree Girls,"  the true story of a Texas country band made up of eight female prisoners.

So can she sing? Find out….


"I can carry a tune," she said, admitting, " I don't know yet. Here's the good news…. They weren't musicians. They basically created a band in order to get paroled.  So you are dealing with new singing, new instruments, and somehow they find a way to become a huge phenomenon." 

Aniston claims not to have sung before. "Well,  trying to think. I think one little thing in a movie a long long time ago…. Nope."

Wait, how could she forget singing "Happy Birthday" to Alec Baldwin's character on "30 Rock"?

We never will!

With "Love Happens," (due in theaters Sept. 18) rom-com queen Aniston was happy to have found a romantic script that doesn't play to preconceptions. 

"So many times they come up with these high-concept formulaic ideas for a romantic comedy — how to keep them apart as long as possible, until the end when they can finally stop pretending to be my boyfriend and actually be my boyfriend, and we fooled everyone … Yeah, did that one about 10 years ago."

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Jennifer Aniston can sing? We'll find out!

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