Chelsea Handler gets down and dirty with Jennifer Aniston this week on her E! Network talk show, "Chelsea Lately."

"I want to know what you drink to keep your body like that," Chelsea asks. "Because what I'm drinking is not working."

Asks Jen, "What are you drinking?"

"I drink Vodka," Chelsea replies.

"Yes! That's what I drink! … That's my drink of choice, actually," Jennifer says. "It's a clean um, liqueur, yes, you know, no sugar."

"That's why I drink it, but it doesn't seem like the same thing is happening," Chelsea retorts.

"First of all, you're crazy, and second of all, how many are you drinking?" Jen asks.

"OK, I think I know where you're going with that," Chelsea says, changing the subject.

They also talk about stepping on their dogs, dating a Mormon, how Aniston's new movie "Love Happens" is making men cry, and whether Aniston would date some dorky red-haired guy.

But our favorite part was the bit about the vodka.

Never pictured Aniston as a vodka girl. Did you? 

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