Which special person did Jennifer Garner spend her all-time favorite Valentine’s Day? Well, it wasn’t with her husband Ben Affleck. OMG! You’re not going to believe who she told us.


(If you just anxiously clicked on that pretty pink “More” button to find out, then we bet you expected The Dish Rag to reveal Garner’s ex-husband/co-star Scott Foley or ex-boyfriend/co-star Michael Vartan as the answer. Sorry to disappoint but no scandalous deets here. Gotcha!) Garner did however tell The Dish Rag at the Los Angeles premiere of “Valentine’s Day” on Feb. 8 that her best V-Day was the Napa wine country one with her BFF, when they kicked back, enjoyed great food, massages and good wine. 
That must have been back when she was single, right? We hope so. If not, Ben’s in big trouble. 
Her “VD” costar Anne Hathaway suggests cooking for someone, or better, going to see their new romantic comedy on Feb. 14.  
Shameless plug, Anne. But good advice.
The Dish Rag’s favorite Valentine’s Day was the one that didn’t involve a 911 call. But that’s another story.