american idol jennifer hudson judge season 13 gi Jennifer Hudson will judge 'American Idol' in Season 13: Other alums expected

Jennifer Hudson has reportedly signed on to be a judge on “American Idol” Season 13. The “Idol” alum will reported be joined by at least two other former cast members. Could Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert be joining her?

This “Idol” judging news was first reported by E!Online. According to that article, sources close to the FOX show have confirmed that Hudson has signed a deal to be one of three alumni judges on the upcoming “American Idol” season. While no other future judges have committed yet, the same sources indicate that Clarkson is close to a deal and that the third seat will go to either Lambert or Aiken.

Why bring back the alums to “Idol”? A committed attempt to save and rebuild ratings on this once top-rated show lies at the heart of everything. Since big names like Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj only brought a significant drop in Season 12, bringing back the show’s own stars might be the key. The idea FOX wants to promote is that “Idol” is the only singing show to produce big stars — in contrast to “The X Factor” and “The Voice.”

But will “American Idol” get the judges it wants? While Season 3’s Hudson is a big get — the woman has an Oscar, after all — other big former Idols might be harder to pin down. Kelly Clarkson seems to be at the center of this alumni-judge plan, but her rep recently stated that the singer would not be joining “Idol” as a judge.

Was that a lie? Or have things changed behind the scenes at “American Idol”? Whatever the case, it does indeed look like all four of the current season’s judges are out.

Posted by:Laurel Brown