Warning: This clip from “Not Another High School Show” is tasteless and, in some circles, NSFW.

In today’s world, Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winner with a slew of successful films and an action-figure in her likeness. Alison Brie, meanwhile, is a successful TV actress, having co-starred on “Community” and “Mad Men.”

In 2006, however, they were both young and struggling actresses who were likely willing to take any legitimate (we use that term loosely) role to pay the bills. This might be the explanation for both women appearing in the 2007 Comedy Central pilot, “Not Another High School Show.”

Since it’s Lawrence’s 24th birthday on Friday (Aug. 15), why not take a trip back in time to suffer this fortunately failed pilot?

The pilot was created by Mike Bender as TV’s answer to the success of “Not Another Teen Movie” in theaters. Much like the film, the comedy was intended to skewer popular teen shows of the previous decade or so.

That’s how Brie ended up in the role of Muffy the Vampire Slayer, complete with a big knife and jokes about her … um … “muffy.” Lawrence, meanwhile, is one of the random students at this hallway-laden school — she shows up just in time to be ogled by a dying janitor (played by famed voice actor H. Jon Benjamin).

Again, a fortunately failed pilot.

Posted by:Laurel Brown