jennifer lawrence the only way is essex gi Jennifer Lawrence: Britain's 'Jersey Shore' is 'ridiculously amazing'

Sure, Jennifer Lawrence may be becoming quite the “Homeland” fan, or at least she was until a reporter spoiled the entire show for her, but the world knows what she really loves.
After all, Lawrence is very open about her love for bad reality shows. That’s why it should come as no surprise that when spending time in the UK with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, she’s found a bad show to watch.
When asked about the scripted reality series “The Only Way Is Essex,” she tells The Sun, “You guys have your own version of ‘Jersey Shore’, which is so ridiculously amazing I can’t even begin … It’s like another world in Essex.”
Not only does she appreciate that the country has shows catering to her personal taste, but there’s also the censoring differences from the United States. “I really like the shows you have there. You guys get to say f*** and s*** a lot more than our main TV shows do,” she says.

Of course, it’s not just TV that impresses Lawrence, as she claims to be “a big fan of all things British.” Specifically, she says, “I like that I can go for fish and chips wearing the most awful outfit and it’s cool.” Bad TV, fish and chips and cursing: What more could anyone ask for?
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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