thg jennifer lawrence premiere gi Jennifer Lawrence: Reasons we love 'The Hunger Games' star and want to be her BFF

Every once in a while, a celebrity comes along who we just want to make our new best friend.

This week, we’re seriously crushing on “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence. She may be alternately stoic and fierce as Katniss in the movie, but her bumbling enthusiasm and unabashed honesty in interviews has us completely charmed. So charmed that we’re pretty sure we won’t even be sick of her by the time the third (and possibly fourth) film rolls around.

Check out some of our favorite quotes and moments below.

On missing the “Jersey Shore” marathon: “I got it on TiVo, calm down. TiVo needs to give me three new TiVos now, because I’ve talked about it at almost every interview. And ever since Spanx at the Oscars, I know how this works. If I talk about it on an interview, I get it.” — MTV News

“When we were kids, we would never open the minibar. A $6 Snickers bar? But the other day I was in a hotel and I was staring at a Snickers bar, and I finally just ate it. Then it was like something in me snapped. I opened all these drinks. I thought: I can do it now. Now I’m all grown-up. I can eat things from the minibar.” — Glamour

“I’m kind of a home body, so I was stressing out one time about movies and that I won’t be able to go out to dinner. I won’t be able to go to a bar and just hang out. But then, I’m always lying to get out of those things anyway, so now I just have an excuse. ‘I can’t go; I’m famous’. ” –The Sun

On being called “one of the most down to earth celebrities out there”: “I’m not. I’m just dumb.” –Access Hollywood

“I’m a troll. I hate myself. Don’t go see the movie; I’m a troll. I think the movie is great, but the biggest mistake was me.” –Letterman

“I end up getting so nervous that I get really hyper. So then I go in interviews and I’m like, ‘I’m like a chihuahua! I’m shaking and peeing!’ and then afterwards I’m like, ‘I just talked about peeing on the red carpet!’ This is not a situation for a normal person.” –Letterman

“Both of my brothers, before I went on the red carpet, they’re like ‘Do shots! Do shots!’ and I’m like, ‘That’s not a good idea!’ And then I did it. And that led to ‘I’m peeing in my pants on the red carpet!'” –Letterman

“When we thought there was a paparazzi outside of my house, and my brother’s like ‘Want me to throw a skateboard at it?’ He went inside, he’s like ‘Let’s go throw some eggs and tomatoes at it!’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, cool!’ Then it was just a parked car, that I’m like, ‘That’s a paparazzi!’ and it wasn’t. I just made it up. I’m not as famous as I think I am.’ –Letterman

And then there’s this (warning, there’s some NSFW language), in which she discusses sex dolls and sex swings and also “The Hunger Games”:

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