Considering the fact Jennifer Livingston was a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today, we think it’s safe to say that the video of her responding to a man who criticized her weight during her La Crosse, Wis. News 8 morning broadcast last week has officially gone viral.

Livingston, Ellen DeGeneres and “Ellen” guest Matthew Perry all recorded a funny new promo for News 8 that just happened to plug all of their different projects (DeGeneres even got in a Cover Girl reference), and at the end Livingston was treated with a free trip to the Caribbean. But it was Livingston’s words on the bullying scandal that got our attention.

“I’m pretty tough and I always have been kind of thick-skinned, and I was just taken aback that someone would sort of have the audacity to write the email, to take the time to do that,” she says. “I’m not a bullying expert, I’m a mom, and I think one time is one time too many.”

Though the man who wrote Livingston the letter about her community influence as an overweight woman has since apologized, the news anchor says that this was never about bringing him to justice.

“For me, this was never really about him. He was my one guy, but I think we all have that one guy or that one girl who tries to make you less than you are, who tries to put you in a box and slap a label on it and tell you you’re not worthy,” Livingston says. “It’s not about him for me, it’s about all of the people like that.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz