Producer Lauren Schuler Donner had a few words of wisdom for the gals at Women In Film’s 2006 Cyrstal and Lucy Awards. Don’t be bitter!

“Carrie Fisher once told me that resentment is like drinking a poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

Darn good advice. Not sure who gave the producer ("Constantine," "Bulworth," "Free Willy," "You’ve Got Mail") the slapstick notion to knock her glass award off the podium, but it was definitely a high point of the evening. "Superman Returns" producer/director Bryan Singer picked up the shattered pieces and Schuler Donner’s very human nervousness got empathetic chuckles.

Other winners – song writer Diane Warren, cinematographer Maryse Alberti, Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis, Maria Bello and Jennifer Lopez – also won Crystals and Lucys for the “endurance and excellence" of their work in film and television.

Past Crystal winners include Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Bette Davis, Jane Fonda, Jodi Foster.

So…Jennifer Lopez?  Okay, there’s “Out of Sight,” Blood and Wine,” maybe even “Anaconda.”

But then there’s “Monster-in-Law,” "Gigli" and (shudder) “Jersey Girl?”

Still, as hostess Edie Falco noted, “She’s the only woman in the room who can open a movie and a concert tour.”

Contrary to the baby rumors (which she laughed off), Lopez didn’t look preggers with a long wavy ponytail and a black Max Mara frock, mingling in the Century Plaza ballroom with “Desperate Housewives” Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross, Camryn Manheim, Angela Basset, Jean Smart (“24”), and Leah Remini.

Not only did Jenny NOT look like she had a fetus-on-board, she looked surprisingly slender. But that may have been because she wasn’t always glued to the side of her skeletal hubby Marc Anthony.

Next to 6-footer Geena Davis, La Lopez looked – how can we put this – positively petite.

Photo Credits: It’s all about perspective. Jennifer Lopez looks itty-bitty when paired with Tower of Power Geena Davis at the 2006 WIF Lucy and Crystal Awards.
WireImage/Lester Cohen

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