jennifer-lopez-def-jam.jpgEven though Jennifer Lopez’s movie career is looking up with “The Back Up Plan” releasing later this month, her music career seems in doubt.

After we reported that Sony had dropped Jennifer Lopez in February with no home for her music at the time, reported earlier this week that Jennifer Lopez confirmed she has joined Def Jam.

It would seem like good news for JLo, but the label seems to be keeping the news close to the vest.

A source inside the record company told Zap2it that Def Jam has made no official announcement and that he didn’t even know the singer was signed.

At the time of this posting, the label hasn’t responded to our request for official confirmation.

Additionally, both and the New York Daily News have yet to report that they have record label confirmation, as well.

]]>Reportedly leaked by a sound engineer who was over JLo’s diva trips, listen to the clip below:

J by user9196076
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