jenniferlopez amas 290 Jennifer Lopez falls at the AMAS, recoups quicklyJennifer Lopez is another celebrity who found the American Music Awards to be a treacherous place.

J.Lo found herself on her famously lush bottom during her Sunday night performance of “Louboutins,” the first single off her new album “Love?”

Well, it seems that unlike the song’s lyrics “I’m throwing on my Louboutins,” Lopez was falling in her Louboutins. During a portion of the dance in which she walked on the backs of her male dancers who created a stair-step formation, she was helped off the highest “step,” leaping to the stage below.

Unfortunately, she didn’t land on her feet, but on her bottom. Lopez, the pro that she is, popped up immediately and went straight into a diva-worthy solo dance. Very impressive.

Check out J.Lo’s performance and her tiny slip-up around the 2:40 mark:

Here’s just the fall and her solo dance after if you don’t feel like fast forwarding.

“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert also had a fall, but his was a bit more spectacular, rolling into his backup dancer.

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