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Recently-split couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony stop by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday, Feb. 13, where they talk about what it’s like to work together now that they are no longer together, their new show “Q’ Viva” and they do a little bragging about their twins Max and Emme.

Jennifer on twins Max and Emme:

Ellen: Are they musical? Do they sing?
Jennifer: Yes, they love to sing and dance. Emme loves to dance. She loves to perform.
Ellen: Are they good? Now, be honest.
Jennifer: I’ll be honest. I think Emme has a bit of voice. I do. I’m not sure but I kind of hear it every once in a while.  I’m not sure about Max as much but he has a big personality. He’s got like, my personality. Maybe Emme has Marc’s voice. We traded.
Ellen: Either way they’re both good things.

Jennifer, Marc and Jamie on working together:

Ellen: The dynamic between the two of you is so much fun to watch.  You know I love you both individually. And, I just love watching you on camera. Regardless of anything but the dynamic between you two is fantastic to watch
Jennifer: We laugh a lot.
Jamie: Not always. I find myself in the middle refereeing sometimes. It’s fantastic.
Jennifer: By the way, you (Jamie) give a little of what he gives me too.
Jamie: I have found myself in the middle quite often, yes.
Marc: Where’s the camera… Next question.

Jennifer on smacking Marc in the head:

Jennifer: They put a sound effect in [the “Q’ Viva” clip], it sounds like I’m slapping him hard.  All I did was this [touches Marc’s head].
Marc: She can’t help herself.
Jennifer You know what I mean…
Marc: Now that’s the shot they can use tomorrow.
Jennifer:  I did it but when I saw it in TV it was like [slaps her hand loudly] Like I smacked him so hard…
Ellen: Which clip?
Jennifer: That clip right there…Yeah, they put a sound effect in there for the live broadcast.
Marc: Trust me it hurt.
Jennifer: It did not hurt….

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