JenniferL_Alber_3096956_600 Jennifer Lopez is probably not one bit happy (can you say seething?) about a proposed film of her life with first husband/waiter/model Ojani Noa.

The film, titled “How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J-lo and and Ojani Noa Story,” is meant to be a “mockumentary,” according to Noa and his producer, Ed Meyer.

The film — due to start filming in February – tells Noa’s life story as a Cuban immigrant and his ongoing pursuit of Lopez, a la Borat‘s pursuit of Pamela Anderson.

According to The Wrap, her attorneys are trying to stop it. but the filmmakers are reportedly using that old "parody" saw.


Casting apparently has begun on the project, with Noa listed as the writer and Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen's brother) attached to direct.

Noa was married to Lopez from 1997 to 1998.

“The whole movie is about me coming to this country and getting my dream shut down by somebody who I thought was a good person,” Noa told The Wrap. ”I was totally in love with her. I gave my soul to her.”

And maybe broke without his meal ticket? What do you think? 

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