Jennifer Lopez
loves her some bling.

But be careful what you loan her. She may not give it back.

But what the hey, she’s priceless!

La Lopez borrowed $50,000 of Robert Mouawad’s diamond earrings, a wristful of bracelets and a ring to wear to her longtime stylist/pal Andrea Lieberman‘s ALC fashion line launch at Barneys in Beverly Hills last week.

Guests Gwen Stefani, Leah Remini and Ellen Pompeo
also borrowed baubles from Mouawad. The next day, those actresses’ assistants returned their borrowed bling to the Swiss jeweler.

But according to insiders, Jennifer’s manager Benny Medina called Mouawad to let them know that Jennifer was going to keep the jewelry, an insider
told Page Six. "As far as Mr. Mouawad is concerned, Jennifer can have whatever
she wants, but a premature demand seemed presumptuous," the source said, adding that, of course, Jennifer’s endorsement is "priceless."

See? she’s priceless.

However, Medina denies this accounting.

Medina explained to Page Six: "There
was no demand whatsoever. There was an offer. It was very clear."

He says that in
return for hosting the show for her friend, Lopez would be given the
entire collection of jewelry and clothes. 

"She was the only celebrity whose name was on the invite. She would
have done it for nothing," Medina explained. "But this was how it was
presented. It was quite a generous offer."

Generous, indeed.

Wonder if the offer was ‘presented’ in writing.

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