Jennifer Love Hewitt arrives at “Ellen” in a dress that can barely contain her bosom. In the episode airing Friday (April 19), Ellen DeGeneres and special co-host Matthew Perry struggle to interview Hewitt as she sits on stage, nearly popping out of her overly busty dress. 
“Were you just sewing your dress,” a visibly blushing Ellen asks Jennifer. “Did you run out of time, or what’s happening?” She then turns to Perry and says, “What a weird day you’re here.” Perry makes every attempt to avoid looking at Jennifer’s cleavage, alternating between staring off into the audience and up at the ceiling. “It might be my favorite day,” Perry says. “When this happens, I want to tell you, I always overcompensate. I always look like five feet above the head.”
Ellen asks Jennifer about the nearly naked costumes she wears on “The Client List,” which is midway through its second season on Lifetime. “Your grandmother watches the show,” says Ellen. “Does she enjoy it, or does she get weirded out watching her granddaughter in lingerie?”
Hewitt says her grandma ignores the parts she doesn’t want to see, but has given her an interesting nickname. “She calls me her ‘little TV ho,'” says Hewitt. “And I’m like, ‘Grandma, not allowed. Like, on on the phone with me, family joke — funny. Not out loud at the mall or the restaurant.’ But she gets a kick out of it.”
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