zap photo hewitt red carpet 420 Jennifer Love Hewitt on 'Client List' protesters: 'I respect that people need to say what they need to say'Jennifer Love Hewitt is about to launch another series, but even before it debuts, some people are indicating they aren’t fans.

The “Ghost Whisperer” and “Party of Five” alum debuts in a weekly spinoff of her Golden Globe-nominated Lifetime movie “The Client List” on that network Sunday. April 8. She’s also an executive producer of the show, in which her new role is an abandoned Texas mother who makes a day spa her line of business. There, certain co-workers — as Lifetime puts it — “provide other services” to customers.

The group Licensed Massage Therapists is petitioning to keep “The Client List” from being shown, citing it as “a huge step backwards” in the depiction of their profession. “I feel badly that they feel offended,” Hewitt tells Zap2it, “but I respect that people need to say what they need to say.

“I tried to make a joke on Twitter that I wondered why people were not writing to ‘Dexter’ about killing people, or to ‘Nurse Jackie’ about taking drugs on the job. Those are big, big television characters audiences love and adore …. so if there can be a serial killer we all like, I feel like a happy-endings specialist is the least of our worries.”

Hewitt insists she admires professional masseuses, even with the take “The Client List” has on them. “At the end of the day, though, it’s a television series,” she adds. “I’m not saying every massage parlor in the world gives happy endings, nor do I know which ones do, but it is a part of our society. And even if it wasn’t, it’s just a part of our story. It’s entertainment.”

While her less-edgy image remains evident in “Ghost Whisperer” repeats on both WE: Women’s Entertainment and ION, Hewitt finds it interesting that her portrayal of the career in that show never brought a peep of protest. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“No medium ever complained that I was playing a medium who had too much cleavage,” she muses. “In fact, they were all like, ‘Thank you so much!’ I mean, I constantly had cleavage up to my chin, and not one medium had a problem with it. They were like, ‘People think we’re hot!’ Now, if massage therapists could just feel the same.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin