spencer-morrison-house-320.jpgWhat do you want to see on TV in 2010? What do you want covered by KTV?

Judging by reader comments, it seems Jennifer Morrison returning to “House,” Booth and Brennan hooking up, plus more “Castle” and “Glee” are major themes… among other things.

Let’s review a few of your thoughts…

TV Wish List for 2010? Jennifer Morrison coming back on House, and
House and the original team solving some really cool cases (so
basically House like it was in the first season, not that soapy crap it
is these days ;-)). And no more Huddy soap opera crap, please. –Sandra

Definitely more Chase and less Thirteen on “House” in 2010. If Cameron
comes back, please let it be for a Chameron and not a Hameron storyline. –Karen

Definitely, Jennifer Morrison coming back to House as series regular
and for Cameron and House to address their feelings towards each other,
the way she left and the look on his face tell me that’s not the end of
their relationship. Less, less and less Thirteen, less Foreman, for
Cuddy to start behaving as an adult and a professional woman running a
hospital, no more Huddy, no more Wilson acting as House’s matchmaker,
no more Chase’s drama, better patients of the week, more clinic hours… –Sarah

Definitely Brennan and Booth getting together (for real) till the end
of season five and Jennifer Morrison coming back to House as a regular.
Amanda C.

I would love to see a real Booth and Brennan kiss!!! and of course to see them together!!!

I also look forward to Mackenzie Rosman’s appearance on The Secret Life of the American Teenager

and more Glee in April

and Kate Voegele on more episodes of One Tree Hill –Lydia (Bonesfan47)

Looking forward to April and more “Glee” as well as the summer and more “Mad Men”.

The most exciting thing coming up in the land of t.v. though is
undoubtedly the return of “Chuck” and the new “no more Mr. Nice Spy”
twist. Can’t wait!

In the new year (and mid-season) just keep doing what you do Korbi (and KTV gang!) and thanks for a great 09!

P.S. Of course, if you do want to visit the Castle set more often
and perhaps take a special Canadian correspondant with you, that’s ok
too! 😉 –Kath (canakaty)

I guess Kath covered it well. All I would add is I wish for a couple of
new ‘Drinking With the Stars’ with the as many of the cast of ‘Castle’
as you can convince to join you at a bar. –miner

Can’t wait for Castle to return. Looking forward to the Alyssa Milano /
jealous Beckett episode and then them finally getting back to Beckett’s
mother’s murder. January can’t come fast enough. –C.

Big Love’s return as well as V and more Glee? –JenM

On top of my wishlist:

– Better Off Ted getting better treatment and better ratings

– Damages pulling in numbers consistant with its awesome quality so there is a season four next year.

– Friday Night Lights not ending after season five as rumored.

That will be all. –Jake

I cannot wait for Supernatural to return! It’s been a great season! –Angela

I am really looking forward to Life Unexpected. There hasn’t been that
much info out about it so please post whatever you can about it when
you get back. I love Kerr Smith & Shiri Appleby so I hope Life
Unexpected is good. –Chlark fan 01

Definitely “Life Unexpected”. I was able to watch the pilot and I got crazy about it, so I can’t wait for the rest!
Grade A show. –Alexis

Okay, I’m going to out myself as an ABC Family fan and I want to know
more about Make It or Break It – I heard Razor is coming back, so more
about him & the Razor/Emily/Damon triangle please! –Marina0717

My list would be LOST coming back earlier than Feb 2, a longer season
of both The Closer and Sons of Anarchy, and finally less reality and
game show tv and more fun stuff like Castle, HIMYM, Big Bang
Theory. –Ginger

Sadly, Jennifer Morrison returning to “House” as a series regular is something Santa probably won’t be delivering, but I promise to harass the producers about it on your behalf whenever possible.

The odds are slightly better for an actual Booth-Brennan hook up on “Bones” and, again, we won’t leave executive producer Hart Hanson alone about it.

As for more “Glee” and “Castle” coverage? Done.

There are new “Drinking with the Stars” segments on tap as well and since “Big Love,” “Mad Men” and “Friday Night Lights” are three of my favorite series of all time, I’ll definitely be all up in their business.

Regarding “Life UneXpected,” “Make It or Break It,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Big Bang Theory” and “Secret Life,” I’ve already got scoop and interviews lined up, so expect all that very soon.

Can’t do anything about “Lost’s” return date though. Five more weeks, kids. Just five more. We can do it.

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What’s on your TV Wish List for 2010?

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