With “Jennifer’s Body” right around the corner, Megan Fox is hitting the press trail. By some accounts, Megan’s interviews are more entertaining than the movie.

This time, Fox graces the cover of Rolling Stone and spouts off — again — about her sexuality, men’s reactions to her sexuality and her repeated threats to cut sometime boyfriend Brian Austin Green. Gosh, that’s a lot of sex.

As for the cover photo, well, nobody ever accused Fox of looking bad. Followers of her feud with Michael Bay will recognize the Marilyn Monroe tattoo called tacky (and worse) by Bay’s crew members.

The money quote from her interview? “I want to deflect attention from my reality.”

We have no trouble believing Megan has her own reality. Anyway, check her out:


meganfox rollingstonecover 'Jennifer's Body' star Megan Fox poses for Rolling Stone

“Jennifer’s Body” opens Friday.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser