jenny mccarthy chris hardwick Jenny McCarthy and Chris Hardwick: A brief and conflicting oral history of MTV's 'Singled Out'Sometimes the TCA press tour delivers makeshift TV-show reunions — former co-stars sometimes appear in separate sessions, and the reporters in the room ask them about their shared experience.

Such was the case Saturday (Jan. 5), when “Singled Out” stars Chris Hardwick (here to promote “The Nerdist” on BBC America) and Jenny McCarthy (who’s about to launch a weekly late-night show on VH1) took the stage about an hour apart. Hardwick was up first, and was asked for a favorite memory of the MTV show.

“I don’t know if there’s a superlative memory,” he replied. “Best memory in ‘Singled Out.’ Day one of the first show that we’re taping, we’re all rushing around through makeup. Everyone’s freaking out because we don’t know if the show’s gonna, you know, it’s the first day of taping. We’re waiting for Jenny. She hasn’t come out yet. What’s happening? You know, is she having a famous moment? What’s going on?

“After about 15 minutes, this shock of blonde hair pops out of the door. She’s like, ‘Excuse me. Does somebody have a plunger?’ She had clogged her toilet and spent, like, 15 minutes trying to figure out how to deal with it before she asked for help. And I feel like that really encapsulates what ‘Singled Out’ was like.”

McCarthy didn’t deny the toilet-clogging incident, but she has a different memory of the very first show.

“That [needing a plunger] was weekly,” she joked. “I’ll tell you my version of the story. That did happen quite often, but not in the first episode. The first episode, I actually have the correct story, which was MTV debuted ‘Singled Out’ at Lake Havasu Spring Break. It was our very first episode. The night before, I caught my hotel room on fire. I mean, I burnt it. I burnt it to the ground. There was nothing left.

“My boyfriend, who I brought with me — I had the stomach flu, and I was like, ‘I have to work in the morning, I’m not staying up and watching you, so blow out those candles when you’re done.’ I put my candle on top of hot rollers, and it literally melted the thing, melted the wall, melted the ceiling, went into the bedroom. I was woken up by a guardian angel screaming at me in my dream, which I still remember. We got out of the room. The fire department said five more minutes, we would’ve been dead.

“I did my first episode of ‘Singled Out’ coughing up black lung, so my story beats a clogged toilet.”

VH1’s “Jenny McCarthy Show” debuts on Feb. 8, while “The Nerdist” will join BBC America’s “Supernatural Saturday” lineup in the spring.

Posted by:Rick Porter