Everyone tuned in to see Megan Fox – known for her outlandish remarks and bold language — host "Saturday Night Live." 

But everyone is talking about new cast member Jenny Slate.

Slate made an auspicious debut on the show this weekend by slipping up and dropping the F-bomb.

Slate was playing a foul-mouthed, hard-core biker chick alongside Kristen Wiig and host Megan Fox on the show's 35th season premiere.

"You frickin' just threw an ashtray full of butts at my head. You know what, you stood up for yourself and I … love you for that."

Slate's expletive was clearly not intentional, and her cheeks puffed up immediately after she said it. 

Thoughts running through Jenny's mind? "Dear Lord, I'm so fired." 

Thoughts running through Megan's mind? "Damn, wish I'd said that. It's so much more me than it is her."

Is it just me or was anyone else disappointed in Megan's hosting gig? 

Was it her performance or just the material that F-bombed? 

Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead