arthur chu jeopardy facebook 'Jeopardy!' villain Arthur Chu defends his gameplay technique against angry fans

Arthur Chu has done something many other who have appeared on “Jeopardy!” haven’t been able to: He cracked the code. Chu has been labeled a villain by many who watch the show, all because of how he plays the game.
On a four-game winning streak, Chu jumps around the board in search of Daily Doubles, rather than the traditional top to bottom answer selection most use. There’s a method to his madness, though. “Everything I have done has been done by past champions,” he tells CNN.
As soon as he found out he’d be appearing on the show, Chu went to the internet to search out “Jeopardy!” strategies. What he found was a community of blogs, websites and chat rooms, all of which helped him play like some of the greats, including Watson, the IBM computer. 
Moving around the board is actually known as the “Forrest Bounce,” after former contestant Chuck Forrest. In addition to helping discover Daily Doubles, it keeps his fellow contestants on their toes, never letting him appear predictable.
As for his thoughts on fan disdain for his tactics, Chu simply says, “It’s a game, and we’re playing for real money.” He adds that the techniques he’s using have been seen before, they just happen to be going viral this time around.
Chu returns to “Jeopardy!” Feb. 24, after the “Battle of the Decades” tournament ends.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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