When we talk about “Jeopardy,” it’s usually to discuss the big winners. But sometimes, even a loser can win on the game show. That’s what happened on Thursday (June 26) when Ari Voukydis came up with the wrong question in Final Jeopardy. His question was so good, in fact, that he may have won even as he lost.

Going into the final round, Ari had no chance to catch up to first-place player, Jennifer. It was therefore a great time for the man — a comedian by profession — to have a little fun. None of the players knew that the correct question was “Who is Alfred Nobel?,” but only Ari came up with a better one:

“Who is this handsome gentleman?”

Even Alex Trebek was impressed with that bit of comedy genius. Check it out for yourself at the 18:00 mark in the video above.

Ari Voukydis didn’t win the game in the end. Not even comedy gold can make up for the monetary difference. But he may have won over all of the losers in “Jeopardy” history.

Posted by:Laurel Brown