jeremy renner dec 2011 gi Jeremy Renner bar brawl: Pal takes an ax to the neckWhile Jeremy Renner escaped a bar fight that broke out in Thailand unscathed, one of his drinking buddies wasn’t as lucky.

Renner was at the Rachada Pub at the end of a night on the town. Included in his party of six was Vorasit Issara, the general manager of a local resort.

Reports says that Issara (who had been drinking) got into an argument with bar employees and that a fight broke out around 4:30 a.m. after Issara dropped a glass.

In the brawl that involved up to 20 people, Issara’s neck tendons were damaged by a makeshift ax constructed of a motorcycle brake rotor and he was stabbed in the stomach. He is currently hospitalized.

“[Jeremey] exited as the fight took place,” Renner’s publicist says, stressing that the actor “was not injured or involved” in the incident despite reports that he had injured his hand.

Six members of the bar’s staff — ranging in ages from 18 to 33 — have been arrested and charged with attempted murder according to the local paper, the Phuket Gazette. The homemade ax that hit Issara was found concealed under some sofa cushions in the bar.

Renner is currently shooting “The Bourne Legacy” in Manila, Phillippines.

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