jeremy renner snl Jeremy Renner on 'Saturday Night Live': How'd he do?Who knew Jeremy Renner is such a talented singer? Everyone who watched his Nov. 17 hosting debut on “Saturday Night Live,” that’s who!

For his opening monologue, the two-time Oscar nominee performed — singing and playing piano — rejected theme songs he claims to have written for all his movies. He quickly recovered from an audio glitch (someone forgot to turn on the piano!) before launching into a medley of deliberately awful but beautifully performed tunes for “The Bourne Legacy,” “Mission Impossible” and “The Avengers” (including the forced rhyme for “The Avengers, they’re always there, from the Hulk to Iron Man to Captain Amer”).

In Renner underwhelmed in the latest episode of “The Californians,” but considering Fred Armisen was breaking from the outset, the sketch never had a chance. He killed his next role as the “self-proclaimed” mayor of Tampa being interviewed for “The Situation Room” — confounding Sudekeis’ Wolf Blitzer with his street swagga. (“What’s up homey, where you at?”)

Renner’s most successful skit of the night might have been his pre-produced Mexican standoff with Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam, in which they play a trio of armed criminals who bond while refusing to drop their guns. (Adam Levine, performing with Maroon 5 as the night’s musical guest, made a surprise cameo.)

Renner also played the straight man for Sudeikis’ numbskull actor and reprised his “Avengers” role as Hawkeye with only 11 arrows. (When Captain Amer America protests, “There are 100,000 aliens out there!” Hawkeye responds, “Yeah, and I killed 11 of them. You’re welcome.”)

In the final morgue sketch, in which Renner was asked by a cop to identify his dead brother, the actor deserves mad props for managing to guess “Morris Day and The Time” without giggling while Bill Hader was drumming on and otherwise molesting Killam’s “corpse.”

How do you rate Jeremy Renner on “SNL”? Were you surprised by his musical talent?

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