Perhaps Jerry Seinfeld won’t be seen during the 2014 Super Bowl.That secret project he’s working on with Larry David, which was filming at Tom’s Diner with Jason Alexander, isn’t a Super Bowl commercial, the comedian says. However, it is a “Seinfeld” reunion.
During a radio appearance on WFAN, Seinfeld played coy about what they were filming but did let some small details slip during a game of 20 questions. While he says whatever was filmed isn’t for the Super Bowl or an episode of his “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” he adds that it’s not not those things either. Good luck figuring that out.
Seinfeld also says that in addition to Alexander reprising his role as George Costanza, other “Seinfeld” characters will be appearing. The project is longer than 60 seconds and includes scenes shot at locations other than Tom’s Diner, however nothing was filmed in Jerry’s apartment from the show.
As for when fans will get to see this “Seinfeld” reunion, if not during the Super Bowl, the comedian offers a simple, “Very, very soon.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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