jayleno-320.jpgOh, NBC, what a mess. Not yelling at you. Merely speaking the truth.

Let’s review: You gave up on scripted television at 10 o’clock, moved Jay Leno into that hour five days a week, watched this idea tank and then decided to bump Conan O’Brien‘s 7-month-old “Tonight Show” to 12:05 so Leno could return to 11:30.

And then Conan essentially quit.

And now we’re not sure what is going to happen.

But word is, you are.

NBC Universal TV chairman Jeff Gaspin told reporters on Sunday (Jan.
10) at the Television Critics TV Press Tour that no decisions had been made and he planned on taking as much time as possible to solidify the schedule.

The network could potentially wait until mid-February when “The Jay
Leno Show” goes off the air and perhaps even until early March after
the 2010 Winter Olympics to announce its new 10 o’clock shows, but it
sounds as though we could be
hearing far sooner than that.

Insiders tell Zap2it
exclusively that NBC has already decided what will fill the 10 o’clock
time slots Leno is vacating and could make an announcement as early as
this week.

jerry-seinfeld.jpgNBC says that they cannot comment at this time, but sources tell us that the Jerry Seinfeld-produced reality series “The Marriage Ref” is already set to take 10 o’clock on Thursdays and the other four nights of the week have been tentatively scheduled as well.

It seems fitting for “The Jay Leno Show”‘s first guest, Seinfeld, to not only take over one of the hours “Leno” is vacating, but to return to his old Thursday night stomping grounds.

With NBC getting pummeled left-and-right by both media watchers and its own talent pool, Seinfeld took the rare approach of actually defending the network.

“I think [‘The Jay Leno Show’] was also the right idea at the wrong
time, and it was not a bad idea. And I’m proud of NBC that they had the
guts to try something so different and original,” Seinfeld told reporters on Sunday at a press panel for “The Marriage Ref.” “And, you know, now you
go on and do something else. That’s show business. You just got to try

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh