jerry springer controversy Jerry Springer vs. Fox News: 'Why are Obama's critics so dumb?' article spurs controversyRemember when Jerry Springer‘s greatest conflicts involved an affair between a teenage mother and her cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s hairdresser? Those days are over. The former Mayor of Cincinnati and former talk show referee visited “Fox and Friends” this week and had it out with Gretchen Carlson over an article in Newsweek titled “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?”

We can see why that may have been controversial.

Carlson felt that Newsweek was biased, but Springer said that it was “disingenuous” for Fox News — often considered to be a very conservative network — to say “Newsweek may be a little partisan.”

Springer, who defended Obama’s accomplishments while in office, said, “We’re here on Fox News, every single day you guys bash President Obama.” Carlson was not having that.

“I’m going to take you to task on that because on this panel right here, we have a fair and balanced panel right here,” she said — referring to the fact that Springer himself, a liberal, was in the house.

“What about the rest of the show?” he wondered. “Every single morning you guys are slamming Obama. You know you are.”

She knows no such thing. “You obviously don’t watch our show, because you do not understand that
there’s a reason, I’ll speak for myself, I sit in the middle as the
independent on the panel, and quite frankly, we present both sides of
the story, and we leave it up to our viewers to decide where they fall.”

O-kay then. Watch the debate below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie