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On tonight’s (Oct.7) episode of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” we learn that there is still bad blood in the air.
With Angelina Pivarnick gone and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s friend Ryder visiting, most of the tension in the household has subsided. After the ceremonial disposal of Angelina’s bed and the celebratory lobster feast, things are almost getting back to way we remembered them toward the end of Season 1. Yet the conflict between Snooki, JWOWW and Sammi still remains.
In an attempt to salvage the once tight relationship between the three girls in the house, Snooki goes out on a limb to apologize to Sammi for writing the infamous letter — the note confessing the heinous things Ronnie did at clubs with other girls during his “hiatus” from Sammi. You know, the three-way make out sessions, then creeping back into bed with Sammi after… just gross.
Although Sammi accepted Snooki’s apology, you could hear a pin drop when JWOWW walked in to the room. She eventually broke the silence by also apologizing to Sammi, which the guidette very reluctantly accepted. But they’re still not friends.
“That’s what prissy girls do,” JWOWW had commented in response to Sammi’s crummy acceptance. “I used to beat up girls like that in high school.”
Well, okay, JWOWW, please calm down. Cat fighting was so one week ago.
But honestly, do you think Sammi has taken this vengeful persona too far? Was she even right being upset with the girls in the first place for writing the note? 
Zappers, do you think the girls will be getting mani-pedi’s together again in due time?

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Posted by:Michael Davis