Selena-Gomez-Snooki-Jersey-Shore-500.jpgThe “Jersey Shore” cast and Disney star Selena Gomez have been throwing punches at each other all week.

]]>TMZ reported that Gomez is only making $11,025 per episode on Disney’s hit, “Wizard of Waverly Place.” That’s not much more than the reported $10,000 an episode the “Jersey Shore” cast is making for Season 2 of the trashtastic MTV show! Disney Channel, really? Recently, Gomez appeared on Dallas’ Kidd Kraddick radio show and they asked her how she felt about the news. “The difference is,” answered Gomez. “I don’t do this for money.” Boom! Regardless, Gomez has not been shy about proclaiming herself a “Jersey Shore” fan, but when she invited the cast to a recent concert, they snubbed her. “I invited the [‘Jersey Shore’ cast] to my New York show,” says the Disney star. “And they called me back and they go, ‘they’re booked ’til May.'” We guess that’s a legitimate reason for not attending. Scheduling the MTV reality stars must be tough with all their appearances at clubs, bars and even car dealerships (hehe). But then Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi took the snub public by tweeting, “What goes on with Selena Gomez? I’ve never met her? Hm.” Ouch. Snooks has to know who Selena Gomez is! We wonder how Selena took that one.

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