brangelina-jerzified-320.jpgSigns of the “Jersey Shore” revolution are everywhere and Zap2it has been on the frontlines of the movement. We’ve been reporting pretty much every moment related to the trashtastic show’s cast since it started airing.

Recently, we’ve received reports that “Jersey Shore” clones are popping up nationwide. One reader recently tweeted that a 10-year-old was seen at a Tampa, Florida grocery store with DJ Pauly Delvecchio’s signature hairstyle: The Blowout! And we can’t tell you how many Snooki hair poofs we’ve seen on the streets.

Are you not willing to go that far? We don’t blame you. Our latest discovery,, makes juicing up your look easy (with none of the gel, bumpits or tanning beds needed).

Check out the photo gallery below for the fist-pumping versions of our favorite A-list celebrities: Taylor Lautner, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Kimmel, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

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