Jersey Shore” fans, the crew has wrapped in Miami and they’re currently back on Twitter and Facebook expressing every juiced up thought that comes across their tan noggins. Thank you, TV gods.

In the video above, the now single Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tweeted a video telling us what she’s “Snookin’ for in a guy.” By the way, “pale ghosts” should skip the video, because No. 1 on Snook’s list is looks and that means “a tanned gorilla juicehead.” Just sayin’

Yo, grab a Red Bull, because there’s so much more going on with The Shore stars. The Situation’s abs have caused an uproar, reports of cocaine use in Miami, shooting a music video with Enrique Iglesias … .


  • 0601 situation abs getty ex 01 credit 'Jersey Shore' creep: Snookin' for love, lethal abs, a coked up cast member and morePut the six pack down, Mike: The Seaside Heights police told TMZ that they had to shut down Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s abs recently. Apparently, they were causing a mob scene when he took to a hotel balcony and danced shirtless. People were pushing and shoving to get a look at them. Mike put away the weapons after the police request and suddenly peace was restored to the great people of Seaside Heights once again. We do believe they will be back to threaten the peace very soon. Let’s hope the po po are around to squelch it.

    • Cocaine Scandal: Radar Online reports that someone on the cast of “Jersey Shore” was partaking in some white powdery partying while shooting in Miami. The site won’t name which cast member was caught using cocaine, though. Who do you think was getting synthetically juiced?

    • Fist pump up the volume: The “Jersey Shore” cast joined Enrique Iglesias in shooting the “I Like It” music video. It’s the first single off the “Jersey Shore” soundtrack. We think the cast will do it up right. Let’s hope that Snooks gets to do her famous dance floor flips in it (wearing underwear this time, please).

    • Atlantic City or bust: Finally, we all know that MTV is already casting for some possible new roomies for the second half of the season at The Shore and most probably some new faces for Season 3. You’d think with the show’s popularity that mobs of Snooki-poofed Garfields and wannabees with Pauly D blowout hair would be showing up to audition. Yet, the New Jersey Star Ledger reports that less than 100 people showed up for the Atlantic City casting call. Low turnout was blamed on the early call on Memorial Day weekend. Maybe the true guidos and guidettes were knocked out from beating down the beat?
    Check out this video from the New Jersey Star Ledger:
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    Video credit: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, New Jersey Star Ledger

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